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'The quest for truth must be carried out by each person individually. It is like breathing, something which no one else can do for us.'
- Seyyed Hossein Nasr -

Living is an unveiling process of self-knowledge. It means rediscovering ourselves, in every single moment and opportunity, in which healing is an inseparable part. 


We facilitate healing, learning and growing. We give you the space to explore yourself so that YOU can rediscover YOU and live a meaningful life, in happiness and in joy.

I believe true healing comes from within through the power of the breath. It is an honor for me to support my clients in their healing journey. Let’s witness ourselves heal, transform and be guided by the breath to fulfill our meaningful life.”  


Dinari Kirana, MA

Dinari Kirana is an Internationally Certified Breathwork Practitioner (BBTR Credential), Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist and a Certified Intuitive Coach with professional background in health who is passionate about healing, breath and meditation. She holds a Biology degree and two master degrees -- one is in human resources and the other is in Islamic Mysticism. She is also a writer of a book titled "The Concept of Love In Plato and Jalal Al-Din Rumi".

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Certified Breathwork | Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist | Certified Yoga Teacher | Certified Intuitive Coach

Life is a journey and we rediscover ourselves everyday. I want my clients to witness their own journeys ... what life has taught them through joy and pain, happiness and sadness, success and failure. To listen to what the universe is trying to tell them, so that they can live a rich and meaningful life, as it has always been intended for them.”


Evianti Bisanto, MTI

Evianti Bisanto is a Certified Professional Coach with a bachelor degree in engineering and a master degree in IT from University of Indonesia.

She pursued her corporate career in manufacturing and oil & gas, before finding her real passion in writing and healing. She published her novels under Clio Freya pseudoname with Indonesian major publisher and in 2012, went to Peru for 2,5 months. In Amazon, she experienced a traditional shamanic healing journey that shift her perspective in seeing life forever. 

From her experience in writing, traveling and healing, she believed in the power of words to understand and heal the soul in the quest for meaning. 

Note: for fiction-related writing programs with her, please refer to K Writing Studio

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) |

Writer |  Traveler